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Antique sofas: passion and taste

Antique furniture is a passion. Over the years he manages to preserve the charm of history that characterizes him unchanged. A piece of furniture goes through years, generations, families. It becomes an integral part of our lives.

Today, however,
we are talking about ancient
divanetti: unique and tasteful furnishing accessories.

We speak as the first topic of restoration, because with the ancient divas there is the possibility of having to resort to some intervention.

The main feature of a restorer is the passion for their work, an important condition for a restoration to succeed, within the limits of its possibilities and knowledge.

The first step of the restoration consists in identifying the technical and artistic peculiarities of a piece of furniture, that is, its location over time, the methods used to build it, the style that characterizes it.

The history of the sofa

In ancient times the furniture was not as vast as it is now but limited to having few products, in fact, a first type of armchair we find only at the time of the Egyptians.

While Greek and Roman furniture was based on small peculiarities, for example, the armchairs were small thrones with espalier carved with wooden animal heads.

Speaking of the Roman era, the legs of chairs, armchairs and tables, replace lion’s legs, starting a motif that will then recurs in the classic furniture of all eras.

In the seventeenth century baroque art began to be born, new techniques appeared: the use of ebony, in thin sheets and the use of wood from the most varied backgrounds. The armrest chairs are replaced by leather and cane armchairs.

Under Louis fifteenth there were the marquise (i.e. a double seat armchair) and particular revolving chairs for the toilet tables. The voyeuse, on the other hand, was a chair with a wide and padded upper back.

It also had the function similar to English chairs, it calls ”library”,’ because you would sit on a horse and put the reading book on your back.

The true spread of sofas

The first sofas or sofas such as armchairs take straight shapes, with the use of classic decorations that date back to the time of the thousand seven hundred.

The 20th century determines the true development of the sofa. What’s new is that the sofa is no longer a single block, but created by multiple groupable and modular elements.

The ancient sofas mark this passage of time and your house, with an ancient sofa, will be contemporary but with a charm of its own.

RA-MA the right choice since 1984

From the 84th that we started dreaming and realizing with such passion what we wanted, giving our customers a excellence very difficult to match.

Over the years, our experience in the sector has improved especially from the point of view of the recovery of ancient materials. Discover our unique selection!

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