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Statue da Giardino

Ra-ma, unique garden statues for your green corner
Those lucky enough to live in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden know that caring for it requires a lot of constancy, commitment and dedication. Whether it is a small or a large space, the garden can be enhanced not only with delicate flowers, plants and edere, but also with garden statues.
Depending on the context and style of the house, you can choose different subjects and materials able to recreate a real fairytale atmosphere.
Garden statues, ancient and recovered make a green area splendid
Half busts, whole figures of women or masks, columns, putti and animals can decorate a corner of the house and make it regal and majestic. Immersed in the greenery of the garden, to adorn a corner of the entrance, or placed along the path that perhaps leads to the exit enclosed by a beautiful wrought iron gate, the garden statues can enhance the beauty of the entire house.
In cast iron, terracotta or terracotta, of small medium or large size, the statues, especially if created by hand, enjoy an ancient and unchanged charm, and are even more beautiful if they have been slightly ruined by time and weather. Even better if these creations are original, real antiques, maybe recovered in other homes and therefore objects rich in history that can be handed down and make a truly unique space.

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