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When furnishing the home bathroom, a thousand doubts always arise, how to furnish it, what materials to use, what colors, what style, etc.… It is one of the most important rooms in the house, it is where we create our privacy, where we relax, where we smile in front of us for this reason, the mirror must be valued at its best.

How? With one of the most beautiful natural stones ever, white marble.

Let's start from the beginning what is marble? It is a metamorphic rock mainly composed of calcium carbonate and the only meaning of the name contains its entire essence, that is, "Shining stone". It is beautiful, elegant, characterized by a particular brightness almost impossible to find in other materials and above all it is timeless. Being a timeless material it has always been used to create beautiful atmospheres in our homes, today as never before it is at the top of the preferences of Italians, this is because until recently marble was seen as `` luxury '', as the material used. for luxurious villas. Today we also find it in modern bathrooms in all its splendor and in all its variations. They exist in fact many colors and types of marble, also from the material point of view for this reason it is impossible not to find perfect marble effects to be inserted in your home and bathroom.

Marble bathrooms which one to choose?

Natural marble it is used for practically everything: in modern bathrooms, as a wall covering, in the sink area or in the shower room.  If you combine it with sanitary and suspended furniture with a minimal design and black or metallic taps, the environment becomes elegant and trendy. You can also choose one marble bathtub or marble sink, perhaps resting on the wooden top, to give a very material and current aspect to your bathroom. Both beautiful and elegant are white marble and black marble. Black marble gives the bathroom a strong and decisive character. A perfect match to use if you choose black marble is the copper faucet that mixed with black gives the right brightness to the furniture. Very fashionable in this period is white marble coupled with brass, for all lovers of vintage and retro this is the perfect combo. As for the White marble it is perhaps simpler to use in terms of aesthetics than black marble, as it always remains elegant and refined. You can choose this material for your sink that will make your colored walls stand out. As far as colors are concerned, marble is fine with both light colors and tone on tone or in contrast with the darker colors (a petrol green, an anthracite, a very dark red).

The perfect cleaning to always have a perfect marble!

It can cover the whole environment or be a detail that stands out and that makes the environment unique.
Of course it is of great beauty but needs attention and care and when you choose it you have to put this in budget. Not always accessible, we agree, but high-level design is not always, admittedly. But how to clean il marble? New or old, it is a material rather sensitive. To clean stained, dirty or yellowed marble, we can resort to simple procedures that will bring it back to its natural state. Things not to do: use with marble detergents or abrasive products, to avoid bleach,  always dry, at the end of the treatment. Things to do: to guarantee the best conditions for marble, it is a good idea to opt for one periodic cleaning, rather simple and with guaranteed effects. Just clean the marble with water hot and neutral soap, or ammonia, with a soft cloth and rinse well. And never forget to dry it, for example with a suede cloth. Whether it is white or black, used in interiors floors, bathrooms, kitchens or for windowsills and exteriors, our marble can, over time, meet more resistant stains and fight them by cleaning them with pumice stone or potato flour. Excellent against grease and to restore the maximum gloss of a black marble, because it absorbs stains. In addition to being attentive to maintenance, it is a strong material and resistance, for this reason there will be a reason if you say "hard as marble".

Da RA-MA everything you are looking for! Noi of RA-MA we have selected a wide range of marble products, let yourself be tempted and choose among our articles what is perfect for you.

Take a look at our selection RA-MA and make time spent in the bathroom a pleasant experience for the mind and body with the sole purpose of finding relaxation.

And remember marble never goes out of style!



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