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About Us

Since 1984 we have been able to dream and achieve with passion what we wanted, giving our customers an excellence difficult to match. Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in the field of reclaimed ancient materials without neglecting the experimentation on technological innovations applied to exclusive processes of various materials. Our staff is rooted in the passage of knowledge between father and son, giving continuity to a difficult but exciting job.

Link with the territory

Tuscany, soft hills that fade towards the horizon, groves of cypress trees, fields of sunflowers, ancient farms and farmhouses built on the path that leads to elegant Renaissance cities; it is from the charm of these places that our passion for the reclaimed ancient material used in building restoration was born.

Ra-Ma recovered antique materials - Staff


The answer lies in sharing your choice with professionals who can guarantee collaboration and professionalism, suggesting original proposals. To be able to discover our materials recovered from the wear and tear of the weather and restored to their dignity as objects capable of recreating the atmosphere of their origins.

Internal showroom Ra-ma reclaimed antique materials


We are of the idea that the right object in the right placebe it a room, a courtyard, a garden, creates an atmosphere that is not easily forgotten. Your choice will represent your style every time guests and friends cross the threshold of the house.

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