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Frequently asked questions.

Do you have a question you can't find an answer on this page?

Q: Are all prices inclusive of 22% VAT?
R: Each price of each item on our site including VAT 22%.

Q: How to order the item I'm interested in?
A: The item can be ordered in the following ways:

1) You can click on the button "REQUEST A QUOTE" which is located in the sheet of the chosen product.
The article will be inserted in a personal "QUOTE SUMMARY" card in which it is possible to change the quantity, add new articles with the "BACK TO CATALOG" button, or remove articles already entered.
To complete the request for the article, click on the "COMPLETE QUOTE" button.
On the next page you will be asked for some data and if you are interested in transporting the requested item (s). Finally, by clicking on the button "SEND REQUEST A QUOTE" an e-mail will be automatically sent to our e-mail.
As soon as we receive your e-mail, it will be our staff's responsibility to proceed with the request for transport estimates. Once the shipping costs have been defined, we will send you a quote summarizing the total amount of the goods and the shipping costs (plus a possible insurance for transport on request.)

2) Or you can send us an email directly with the request of the aforementioned article to info@ra-ma.it and give confirmation.

3) Or you can send us a fax with the request of the aforementioned article to the 055-8078504 and give confirmation.

4) Or you can call 055-8078504 where our staff will answer, ready to take note and consequently to block the object you are interested in, so that it is not sold to other customers on brokerage days.
Alternatively you can directly call the 329-0534805 (Gianfranco), the 333-6856292 (Roberto) or the 329-0534806 (Johnny).

Q: How to ship?
R: Shipments all over the world, by express courier or by trucking.

For transports adjacent to our area (Provinces of Siena and Florence) we can provide independently with our vehicle, evaluating costs and delivery times.

For shipments by other hauliers, once aware of the confirmed material and the precise destination, we will personally request a quote including the packaging of the goods themselves, of which you will be informed as soon as the trucking company has communicated costs and time of delivery. Upon your request we can include the insurance of the goods for transport in the quote. Attached you will have a summary of the costs of the material, the packaging, the possible insurance and the transport with the Total Total.
Once we receive the confirmation of the ordered goods and verified the corresponding payment, we will promptly start shipping.

Q: How to pay?
R: Payment can be made by bank transfer to:

Cooperative Credit Bank of Cambiano (Ag.Poggibonsi)
CIN code: F
IBAN code: IT29 X084 2571 9400 0004 0508 277

Q: Is it possible to rent an item for a given period of time?
A: The rental of an item is certainly possible, unfortunately not all articles are available for this operation.
For any information on this subject, send an email to info@ra-ma.it (with subject: rental request art ***) and we will declare the object available or not, informing you of the related loan costs.
Alternatively you can call our office at 055-8078504, where our staff is always at your disposal, or the 329-0534805 (Gianfranco), the 333-6856292 (Roberto) or the 329-0534806 (Johnny).

Q: Do you want to come and visit us and you need a wonderful place where you can find privacy, warmth, familiarity, relaxation, genuine, exclusively typical food and good air just a few minutes away from us with a modest fee?
R: Come in the heart of Chianti, in the green of the land of the Etruscans with its perfumes, colors, spaces and feelings that are less and less frequent to us. Where everyone can find the right rhythm for their holiday, breathing an atmosphere of tranquility and absolute relaxation.

Borgo di Cortefreda is not only a Relais, but also a Restaurant. We guarantee every little detail, the words take away the wind so:


TEL 0558073333

Impeccable service and doc treatment for our customers.
Only 10 minutes from our show!

Q: Do you want to find an ideal partner to build, renovate and / or restore your home?
A: Gruppo Edil Zona srl ​​is for you.
The company Gruppo Edilzona srl, is a construction company specializing in construction, renovation, recovery and restoration of villas, farmhouses, historic buildings, farmhouses, barns, villages, palaces and farmhouses.

Work with skill and passion.
It builds, restructures and restores your home throughout Italy and works mainly in Tuscany, in the provinces of Florence, Prato, Pistoia, Lucca, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Livorno, Grosseto and in Versilia with particular attention to energy saving (it significantly reduces the energy cost of the house) and Sustainability (the development that is able to satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility that future generations will be able to satisfy theirs).
Specializing in the restructuring and recovery of existing buildings, we have restored farmhouses and villas of high historical and cultural value, taking care of the formation of our workers.

Organized to meet any need, our company, in addition to optimizing work with adequate equipment, also has a wide range of recycled materials that can be used. These original materials, in terracotta, wood and stone, together with craftsmanship, complement and complete the patient recovery and restoration work.

Edilzona srl ​​Group - Via Borgo Casale, 139 / A Prato (Italy)
Tel / Fax +39 0574 660533 info@gruppoedilzona.it - ​​PI IT01822410971

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