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Whether they are ceramic, porcelain, recycled tiles remain one of the safe choices for decorating a home. It is not easy to choose the right tiles but go on the safe side by asking two questions '' what effect do you want to give to the room? '' and '' what effect do you want the room to convey? ''. Once you have answered the questions with this element, you can play with many shapes, colors, decorations, shades, all according to your tastes. Above all, it is important to take into account the quality factor, in addition to being beautiful, the tiles must be resistant to knocks and scratches in order to last over time. It is better to make a larger initial investment and then avoid making very expensive maintenance shortly after time. Think that if whitewashing a part is a simple and cheap thing, replacing a floor with tiles is, on the other hand, an expensive, long and invasive job.

Tiles: a right idea for a right home

What materials to use for your floor tiles? If you choose to use the tiles for your floor, you can choose between different materials. The most beautiful and suitable for all styles are definitely: terracotta, ceramic and stone. Starting from cooked it is a material of a red color, its surface is rough so as to give a rustic, country style to the environment and it is the perfect combo with this floor are wooden furniture. As for the tiles in double-fired ceramic they are preferred by homeowners for their countless colors and decorations. There are various varieties of ceramic, single fired, glazed and once cooked. Choices are also those of Stone very beautiful, resistant and long-lasting but they are also very expensive. After choosing the material, you will need to choose the right format for your room. Usually, if we talk about tiled flooring they prefer large sizes, have very long shutter speeds and above all they are easy to clean. For bathroom floors, on the contrary, I recommend small tiles and maybe with some decoration on some of them. Always in this it is smart to choose the so-called mosaic tiles usually chosen for aesthetic reasons and gives an elegant look to the room.

Where and how to use tiles

Thanks to their size, patterns and decorations, tiles can decorate any part of the house and revive the environment.

They can be used in many different and original ways. Such as, for example, dividing rooms by covering an area such as the contour of the sink or creating a contour to the bathtub. They can be used as a kind of paintings behind the kitchen stove (also saving from bad stains). Among all the idea that I like the most is to decorate the stairs of the house with colored tiles, perhaps one different from the other, tiles for each step. By now we have understood that tiles are not just a practical coating and if you have fallen in love with a particular tile, with a certain imagination, nothing prevents you from using it as a pure ornament, why not also as a sub-pot. Of all the solutions, however, mosaic tiles are becoming the favorites of homeowners, partly for an aesthetic question and partly because it is a suitable decoration for all environments. But what are the characteristics and where are mosaic tiles used? A look at prices and materials and another at laying techniques. The mosaic tiles they also involved prestigious materials such as marble and stone, creating infinite combinations and decorations, occupying, more and more, a prominent role within homes. The mosaic is a versatile and original solution that allows you to characterize the bathroom but also other rooms, each color of the mosaic reflects the style you have chosen and the personality, creating the right atmosphere for your needs You can use it on an entire wall to create depth, or mix it with other wall tiles using it as a decorative insert. The mosaic is also easy to cut and work, for this reason it adapts to any type of surface that is curved, straight or inclined. The mosaic tiles are particularly versatile because they manage to combine aesthetic and functional needs, giving the rooms the right depth and feeling of amplitude.

At one time, mosaic tiles were used to decorate some parts of the rooms subject to the action of water and humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens; nowadays, however, mosaic tiles are used for the realization of personalized decorations and coverings, within any type of environment.

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You put your imagination into it we put our practice into it.

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