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Is it possible to recover old floors and to bring them back to their former glory? How much could an antique floor recovery intervention cost?

Tiles with a history, which bring the trampling of decades on them, are expertly selected and presented in the "ancient floors": old floors that still have a lot to offer. Our homes reflect the elements of taste for which we have formed the way to conceive and combine ancient and modern design elements with each other.

Often, in old houses, they find themselves under the feet of works d'modern art, which are just waiting to be restored to their former glory. Before deciding to replace the old floor of the house you want to renovate, you can contact an expert who can assess its status and whether it is possible or not to recover it.

Usually, the ancient floors that are most often found in old houses, especially in those that were noble or belonged to the upper middle class, are stone floors like cement tilescooked e grits, often characterized by elaborates geometric designs, which keep their charm unaltered and make your hands itch from the desire to work on them to make them look as beautiful as they once were.

How can an ancient floor be recovered?

For restore to its splendor a floor with ancient tilesancient terracotta, grit or other stone floors, there are several steps to perform, which it is always better to leave to an expert to not ruin anything.

First of all, it is necessary to check the integrity of the antique floor in question in order to understand its condition, conditions, how much it is damaged or if it has suffered significant damage.

This evaluation will help to understand if the tiles need a lot of elbow grease and a nice polish to make it look nice again, or if some of them will need to be replaced. Next, the stability of the tiles must be checked.

The second thing to do, when embarking on the complex restoration work of an ancient floor, is check its stability, i.e. check that all the tiles are firmly attached to the bottom. If only some of them are wobbly, you can safely fix them back to the bottom. If, on the other hand, it is most of the tiles on your floor that are not stable, perhaps you should consider removing them all, leveling the bottom and put them back on.

While the first operation can be chosen for "do it yourself", the second must necessarily be entrusted to a professional.

Subsequently, the joints are grouted. Once the tiles are all stable and intact again, nothing remains to be done pass the grout between the cracks, to close any holes.

Then we move on to the final stages, first of all the sanding: if the floor has particularly stubborn stains, from too deep a dirt to be removed by washing, or from imperfections formed over the years, it may be necessary smoothed, to eliminate stains and return it to its original state. In this case, the best thing is to have the work done by a professional, who is able to use the right tools to eliminate imperfections without damaging the floor. Finally we move on to cleaning and polishing the old floor. If there are no particular problems, especially as regards the ancient floors that are located inside, it may be sufficient to use some specific detergents to restore the floor to its original state.

Even if it has been subjected to a sanding treatmenthowever, the antique floor needs to be washed and polished with specific products.

Is it convenient to recover an antique floor?

We often ask ourselves if it is convenient to recover an ancient floor; sector professionals will know how to evaluate what kind of interventions needs the floor of your home to be restored to its original appearance, recover an ancient floor, and often more convenient than removing the existing floor, fixing the bottom and laying new tiles.

Ultimately, if you bought a house where they are located antique floors that is worth recovering, contact a professional immediately and start work as soon as possible. The result you will get will leave you speechless!

Trust RA-MA, we will know how to meet your expectations!

The surface patina of the vintage decorations and solid colors, as well as protecting the floor from dirt, gives the tiles a unique appearance, typical of the style that distinguishes this type of material. The solutions for laying ancient materials and the proposed use are unlimited because they can be combined with new materials, always respecting the aesthetic and technical canons of the past.

A wide choice of selected materials, both new and recycled, to create splendid poses that recall the ancient way of flooring: stones, terracotta, parquet, majolica, grit, marble, travertine, with our suggestions, you will surely find what you need.

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