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Do you have the strange feeling that something is missing from your garden? That it is not yet perfect and impeccable as you have always wanted?

Perhaps you have forgotten an element, very often underestimated, such as stones that manage to give a natural, elegant and almost wild look without too many craftsmen.

If you are thinking that besides building a driveway they are not essential for your garden with this article you will change your mind.

The most used stones in the garden

As we well imagine, the stones used in our gardens are small in size, the most used are:

  • Pebbles: stones worked mechanically for a single aesthetic purpose, specifically, are rounded and smoothed. They are larger stones than the granulate.
  • The granulate: it is a natural composition of unworked natural stones and they have much smaller shapes than pebbles. The types of granulate are marble and granite, with decorative stones or glass.

Before choosing the type of stone suitable for your garden, you must first understand which project it is intended for. First of all understand what its function will be (driveway, path, car boundaries etc ...), secondly in what position (in the shade or in the sun) and thirdly the size of the stones.

How to use stones in your gardens

Stones, of any nature, can be used for many functions.

Yes, most of the time they are used to make them the classic paths as it represents a sort of 'invitation to enter', a sort of runner so in this case too you have to choose the style and how you want it to be. We have seen all kinds of paths from the saddest to the most banal, but in reality it takes very little to create a nice path. Your choice may vary between pebbles, grit, nuggets white, gray and if you want something more particular you can also find red ones.

If you do not want to fall back into the banal with small stones that accompany the front door you can opt for the limestone, pay attention only to the size of the stones! Too large could make the route impractical.

The other alternative to small stones are stone slabs. It is a more creative choice as you can choose the size, regularity or irregularity of the slabs.

As mentioned above there are many other solutions, in addition to the driveway, to integrate the stones in your garden.

For example, create small walls to delimit the area of ​​the house and avoid building the usual fences like Tom Sawyer and create details stone walls also making them personal.

How? By inserting your favorite flowers, embellish it with creepers or plants at the base to make everything even more beautiful and why not even colorful.

Another idea regarding stones and delimiting the spaces of your garden to give it further importance as a frame for your rose gardens or to delimit the swimming pool.

Don't forget that, like everything else, too stones of the garden will have to coordinate with the style of the house. Do you have a casa in the mountains or  apartment in the center of Florence? Do you prefer a rustic, natural and irregular appearance or a modern style, with light surfaces and square shapes? These are all questions to consider when choosing any type of furniture.

New fashion, obvious rock gardens!

All the rage in this period are i rock gardens, you will wonder what they are?

It is a completely personalized green space, imagine a garden where rocks of various sizes and shapes form the backdrop to your vegetation. The positions of the rocks are perfectly studied as well as that of the plants all to bring about a unique, inimitable and above all relaxing result.

The stones to be inserted in your garden if you want to reproduce it must be of various sizes, so as to create movement and make everything more natural. The stones of the same size are useful for delimiting small flower beds but remember that well-defined lines and precise shapes do not go well with this style of garden. The rocks play a role of fundamental importance, because in addition to being a wonderful aesthetic element, they also serve to create solid and characteristic terraces. You can use local rocks or choose, in the largest garden centers, stones for walls, monoliths of different sizes and pebbles for the natural flooring of the rock garden.

As for the coupling of plants with rocks, I advise you not to take the first ones that happen but to think carefully about what you want to create, a confusional mix will only get you an unwanted effect. Recommended in this context are the alpine plants and cave plants.

Do you need more details?

We at RA-MA are here on purpose! Visit our website and your ideas will come true!

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