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Wrought iron gratings: the safe material

Yes safety at home is fundamental, but who says that to be safe you have to eliminate the aesthetic factor? Let’s find out how to make your home safer with wrought iron gratings without neglecting the taste.

In our country, day after day, the number of houses that choose to protect themselves from attackers with security railings and gratings for wrought iron windows and doors increases.

At RA-MA we guarantee you safety and aesthetics, to prevent these two qualities of your home from going to the detriment of each other.

Wrought iron gratings

Wrought iron gratings are particularly suitable for offering a truly solid level of security.

On the market there are wrought iron grates specially designed to withstand all the tools used by the attackers, forcing them accordingly to have to use other much noisier tools that would make them discover and for this reason at that point often thieves prefer to abandon their misdeeds.

A fairly widespread doubt in those who are going to have safety grates installed is to find themselves then the least light house and establish a ‘heavy’ air and have the impression of being in a cage, in reality they remain elegant and not too “heavy”.

Security-oriented wrought iron gratings are part of the definitive “passive security” systems as they physically block thieves from any possibility of intrusion.

The materials with which the grates are created are always heavy and full metals,such as iron, and their safety increases day by day.

Types of wrought iron grates

There are three different types of safety gratings: fixed gratings, retractable or swing gratings; absolutely equal to each other as resistance, therefore there remains only one matter of preference.

Let’s see them better:

– Fixed safety grates (or railings): as the name itself states, they are grating permanently fixed by walling them in concrete. Experts say they are the most resistant because they do not have the removal points of the other types and less chance of harming themselves after very heavy blows.

– Retractable security grates (or railings): unlike fixed gratings, which once installed, will remain fixed and visible practically forever, retractable gratings can “hide” inside the wall thanks to an emerging automated mechanism that manages to show and “remove” railings whenever you want. The grate can hide sideways, to one side or it can also gather at ” bellows”.

– Swing safety gratings: it’s a good half between a fixed railing and a retractable one is the swing one. Consisting of a single door or multiple doors, it can be opened and closed whenever desired.

RA-MA Selection

Looking for antique wrought iron gratings?

From RA-MA you will find the wrought iron gratings available in different finishes, small works of art created by skilled Italian artisan workers with high quality materials. Purchased conveniently online.

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